Juveniles and drugs

27 Jun

“Although recent trends in youth drug use have shown the first significant downturn in usage level, they remain at high levels, and it has been shown that the earlier drug use is initiated, the more likely a person is to develop drug problems later in life.

“Youth substance abuse can lead to many other problems, including the development of delinquent behavior, antisocial attitudes and health-related issues.  These problems not only affect the child, but can also influence the child’s family, community and ultimately society.

“Recent trends in youth drug use have shown a significant downturn in usage levels.  However, reducing youth drug use remains a key component of the President’s National Drug Control Strategy because studies have demonstrated that the earlier drug use is initiated, the more likely a person is to develop drug problems later in life.

“According to the 2008 Monitoring the Future study, 19.6 percent of eighth graders, 34.1 percent of 10th graders and 47.4 percent of 12th graders reported using any illicit drug within their lifetimes….

“Persistent substance abuse by young people often leads to academic difficulties, health-related problems (including mental health), poor peer relationships and involvement with the juvenile justice system.  Additionally, there are consequences for family members, the community and entire society.

“Mental health problems, including depression, developmental lags, apathy, withdrawal and other psychosocial dysfunctions, are frequently linked to substance abuse among adolescents.  Substance-abusing youth are at higher risk than nonusers for mental health problems, including depression, conduct problems, personality disorders, suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide and suicide.  Marijuana use, which is prevalent among youth, has been shown to interfere with short-term memory, learning and psychomotor skills.  Motivation and psychosexual/emotional development also may be influenced.” – Elite Continuing Education

Juveniles playing /experimenting with illicit drugs does impact their live.  The increase of usage the more problems in their lives and emotions, the correlations are being found true in studies.


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